July 14th, 2011


So now where were we

So, hi, I’m back! I didn’t mean to go silent for most of a week; life things happened, like they do, and there’s not much to be done for it.

I want to give a shout-out to the Mars Bar for having me in as part of their Friday lineup last weekend! It was great to meet Natilie and the Pigfeet XD – I hope you’ll want to do it again sometime.

Also, I like your T-shirts:

Ray guns and tentacles – what’s not to like?

I haven’t had time to give a serious listen to the recording I got; the levels are a little problematic but I’m going to see what I can do. I hope I can start some live-track pay-as-you-like downloads with this show, if I can pull the instrumental part of this recording back up. I just wish I had separate instrument and vocal tracks, like I never quite manage to have.

Two experiments, both of which worked:

The POG. I really like what it does for solo amplified mandolin. I’ve got a couple of settings worked out for different degrees of different effects, and it really helps round out the sound. I just wish it also ran on battery or phantom power, like my DIs.

The magnets. I actually sold a magnet! One point to House Supervillainy! XD

Also, I started another song while I was gone. I need to dedicate some time to songwriting. I have a little bit off ’till the next official show, I should make the most of this opportunity.

How was your week?

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