July 18th, 2011


another weekend, another cd and release party

So I went to the Leannan Sidhe CD release party over the weekend, which featured Katie Tinney as the opening act and, of course, Leannan Sidhe as the primary, and I gotta tell you, it was like some sort of supergroup of Cascadian geek-folk. Betsy Tinney (Tricky Pixie), SJ Tucker, Tony Fabris (Vixy & Tony), Alexander James Adams, Sunnie Larsen, Rob Lindfors? Those guys were in the backup band.

Pictures here, if you’re into that scene. It was lots of fun, and pretty packed, too. They’d hoped to hold the show outside, but weather didn’t cooperate so they set up indoors, which made things kinda tight.

Me, I put out a new quick-release four-song live EP, Espionage (Live from Mars), recorded a week ago at the Mars Bar in Seattle and posted for you here! It’s four songs on three tracks. This kind of project is why I wanted the flexibility of my own race of atomic supermen CD burning robot – I’ll have CDs to sell at shows for like $5 or so. But you! You can download it for whatever you feel like paying, including free! Enjoy:

Free does ask for an email address and I will put you on the fan list. It’s low volume, and you can unsubscribe if you want. So tell your friends!

That’s all I got for now, I have to go yell at some henchmen. Maybe kill a couple of ’em, because somebody clearly needs to be an example. I mean seriously, putting a new roof on your southern lair should not mean more leaks. It should mean none. So, we gotta have some words.

And possibly some heat ray.

Possibly a lot of heat ray.

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what's this stuff called?

What's the correct word for the metal edge reinforcement used on trunks, anyway? (And why do all the photos I find in google only have metal on the corners? Or are the edges just darker metal?) My old trunk - now used to hold the Hugo award exhibit trophies between Worldcons - had metal all along the edges, and that's what I'm planning for the mandolin case.

Failing that, anybody know a good place for thin brass metal strips? I want something thick enough to take an impact (once cornered, anyway) but think enough that I can hammer it into an edge piece, lengthwise. I have a bench vise so it won't be difficult, just tedious.