August 28th, 2011


so yeah wow pax

Home again from PAX, haven’t yet watched the new Doctor Who, still doing laundry. Had a great time (despite terrible sound in the Saturday concerts), met and re-met a bunch of people in the ever-awesome Jamspace and other music spaces (Craig from The Megas, Wayne and Joe from The Protomen, C0splay, Klopfenpop, Brandon from MC Frontalot, all you chiptune crews from Sunday, – “NAMES, darling, NAMES,” as Edina says XD ), enabled and documented this loltrocity:

…got chatted up a tiny bit by a small game company looking for music, saw Paul and Storm live for the first time (love the fighting nun song), bought the tiny metal dice I’ve always wanted:

…got interviewed by the lovely people at Rocksmith (who let me plug the band \n/ ), and, best of all, watched Anna get interviewed by Space Channel 5‘s famed investigative reporter, Ulala, herself:

And that, really, is how you do that.

Citizen Skywatch totally wants to be the next Bioshock. I hope they pull it off, the setup and booth were both epic. I’ll be buying Jetpack Joyride for the iPad, Anna bought a couple of interactive fiction games, and I and grabbed a very silly tabletop game, Monkeys with Knives and Guns, on Sunday. Several crime and/or evil-themed games had exhibition space; they all got CRIME and the Forces of Evil cards, and oh, sure, they’re laughing now. Just wait. Muah ha ha.

Were you at PAX? What was your favourite part?

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