September 5th, 2011


the final giant casemaking post

Welcome to the final case-making post! This post is very large, because it’s mostly photos.

I went and bought musical instrument foam… a week and a half ago, I think? as planned, but then didn’t get to work on it until this weekend. You specifically want instrument case foam, for its shock-absorption characteristics; it has very little resistance at first, but then much more as additional pressure is applied. There are many kinds of foam, so don’t just grab whatever’s handy! At least, not if you have options.

I also needed but already had foam glue and an electric carving knife, both bought for the zouk case project. Oh, and that’s what you want for foam cutting, by the way: any 60s/70s electric kitchen carving knife. Don’t buy a new one. They’re $3, lightly used, at Any Thrift Store in North America. This rule has never failed me.

Anyway, at this point, you’re pretty much sculpting. You need to cut out the foam around the various protrusions in the case, while also cutting out the shape of your instrument into the applicable layers. To get that correct shape, I put the instrument on the foam and drew an outline of it in sewing chalk. Once that layer was cut, I used that layer as my template guide. This insures your cut-outs line up correctly!

And don’t forget a solid bottom layer, of course. I didn’t really take enough pictures here, really:

The aforementioned bottom layer – 1″ thick

SO MANY PICTURES! Clickie for more...

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