September 24th, 2011


misc links

I haven't known what to do with these, so here they are!

US court allows lawsuit by American victims of Mr. Bush's torture programme advance. Two undercover FBI agents, both known to be FBI undercover agents investigating corruption by US contractors, were held and tortured for months. A third American was also held and tortured for months. Frankly, I'm surprised they've been allowed to proceed this far; Mr. Obama has managed to stop all the other cases. Perhaps there's enough FBI pressure on this one to counterbalance some of the political weight of the American torture establishment.

GM OnStar spies on you after you cancel your subscription. You can opt out, but you have to know to do that.

TLS is fucked. V1, anyway. V1.1 and 1.2 aren't vulnerable, but there's been very little support for them so far. Everybody watch this change fast!

This is just kind of pathetic, really. Creationist "science" textbook tries to explain electricity, gives up. It's a MYSTERY! Also, go check their sample chapter on the formation of the moon. It's ... sad.

What Facebook's new OpenGraph means for you. Which is to say, how it gets as much information about you together as possible.