November 7th, 2011


I can't figure out which part of this makes me cringe the most

I don't know what I love/hate the most: 101 people on the To: line, the typo of his own damn name in the subject line, or spelling "write-in" WRIGHT-IN.


I'm leaving this From: line intact because FUCK YOU, BOB. Jesus.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bob Black" <>
Date: Heisei 23 November 7 19:38:50 PST
Subject: Write in BOB B LACK for Kenmore Position 5

Wright In Candidate on Pos 5

Bob Black

For Kenmore City Council Pos 5


There Needs to be a Wake up call to city hall by electing a new representative who will Listen and Hear the citizen’s issues then follow through as a team with solutions to the issue that benefit all of the citizens.
Citizens must be given back the rights to make change happen through initiative and referendums. Not held hostage by refusal to grant Kenmore citizen’s there referendum rights.
The status of the Infrastructure needs to be addressed and the traffic issues dealt with in a user friendly way. Pedestrian safety must come as a top priority.
I respectfully request your write in vote to make change happen and bring back the values we all cherish as American's.
I am endorsed by the following:
The citizens of Kenmore that Want change and vote for me
 Not special interest groups with personal agendas.
Black out the circle on Pos 5 And write in Bob Black.
Thank You

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