November 17th, 2011


for my own reference, really

  • New default mandolin POG setting: user config 8
  • 1/4" output on instrument pre-amps are line level and still active with XLR outputs active. Can be Y-connected to Zoom with -40db reducer patched in (same as tap 2 on Samson)
  • POG output is hot even when bypassed, reduce Boggs gain to 0 if using.
  • Samson per-channel reverb is based off percent of MASTER reverb, must set BOTH.
  • Drop midrange on pogged mandolin on amp channel for vocal clarity

  • Second -40db (line to mic level) reduction patch cable Built
  • Second 1f 1/4" mono patch cable Built
  • Extra Y-splitter for 1/4" mono patch cable Bought
  • Better 1/8" male to 1/4" female TRS adaptor patch cable Bought adaptor
  • 10f and/or 20f 1/4" mono patch cable (inventory) 10f, built

  • 20f-08 XLR cableFixed!
  • Variable attenuator is acting funny, check itTests as good.
  • Zouk travel bag needs resewn at head.

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