November 23rd, 2011


three notes

I used to post about politics a lot here. I don't, anymore; after the whole Obama domestic spying/torture/arbitrary-arrest/indefinite imprisonment without trial support, and the arbitrary-execution executive-power-extension debacle, I gave up for a while. But lately, I have been more active on Twitter, and echoing that on Facebook. I don't want to be one of those people who dumps her Twitter feed on LJ, tho'.

That said, a few relevant notes from right now:

If you can't get to anti-SOPA/anti-internet-censorship website, try instead. The former is working for me on AT&T but not Comcast; the latter is working on Comcast. I am really hoping this is a technical issue with domain name server propagation. This is reasonable, as the DNS records were updated on Tuesday, according to whois.

If you don't know what SOPA is, catch the fuck up.

Separately, the NYPD's beatdowns of journalists include beatdowns of NYPD-credentialed journalists. They've also admitted arrested people for the apparent crime of covering the protests. Berkeley PD, by contrast, prefer beating down former US Poet Laureates.

My nightmare scenario is that OWS gets declared a terrorist organisation. This can be done by executive decision and cannot be appealed. Then anyone associated with it or who has provided "material support" for it can be arbitrarily arrested, imprisoned forever, or even executed without evidence or trial, also all by executive decision. I do not think this is likely. But it is possible, which is an obscenity.

I hope you guys have finally realised I wasn't ever joking about the US police state.

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and yet I post something anyway

I wasn’t going to post today, because HI SECOND THANKSGIVING HI HOUSECLEANING O SHIT HI HOUSECLEANING THERE CERTAINLY IS A LOT OF YOU ISN’T THERE XD but this is a pretty good six-input USB 2.0 audio interface that I suspect they’re discontinuing in favour of a USB 3.0 version. The Windows drivers apparently kinda blow donkeys if you care about that, but it’s also a USB 2.0 class-compliant audio interface (say the specs), so, sure, whatever. For $92 vs. street of $250? That’s pretty good.

YES I’VE ORDERED ONE don’t judge me and my impulse buying. (No, I didn’t get a kickback. Dammit.)

Talking of kickbacks, it’s HOLIDAY SEASON! TIME TO SHILL MY STUFF!

But! Music makes a great gift! And I need to pay for that audio interface! And I just set free shipping on second-third-fourth-etc copies of the physical full-band studio-recorded album, Dick Tracy Must Die! Order 10 physical CDs, get free shipping on nine! SUCH A BARGAIN!

Plus I’ll throw in magnets of evil (HOW DO THEY WORK?!) while supplies last. Then I’ll probably make some more, people seem to like them.

Wow, I’m bad at marketing. I hate this part, and I’m so totally bad at it. I’d rather play my bouzouki and chat people up after the show. XD

Do any of you guys sell your art? How do you handle the “sales” part?

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