November 29th, 2011


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Rep. Kucinich says the Federal Reserve has de facto control over the government. This is in response to the trillions of dollars of secret loans to bailout banks, et al., during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Those here who were reading me back then should not find this "revelation" at all surprising; anyone doing the math could find it. That excludes Congress.

The US Senate voted 61-37 to suspend habeas corpus. That's not what they're calling it, but that's what it is; the right to arrest anyone, anywhere, including US citizens on US soil, and imprison them forever without trial or recourse. Mr. Obama, like Mr. Bush before him, had already claimed this power, and still claims that power; Mr. Obama actually added to it, by claiming the right to assassinate, not just capture and imprison. The GOP is certainly responsible, but so is the Democratic Party. This wouldn't've come to a vote if Mr. Reid didn't want it to, and wouldn't've passed without his approval - just like the telecom retroactive immunity fiasco in 2008. It's the same trick; don't think it isn't.

Occupy Philadelphia is being raided. Occupy LA is getting ready for a raid. That's not the crime. The crime is that the LAPD, like so many other PDs, have told media to go away, and media are co-operating. There's a hastily-organised "media pool" of media allowed to cover the news, but reportedly they're being banned from tweeting during the event.

If you don't know that this is pre-emptive media censorship, you don't know what a free press is. And this isn't one.

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