December 7th, 2011


a new diy pop filter design

I had a hose clamp left over from another project, so came up with a new DIY pop filter design, and now I’ve made a howto video for it:

For those who don’t know, sounds like P and B and D are called “plosives,” and include a rush forward of air that shows up in recordings as kind of a low-frequency thunk. You can go buy a nice pop filter – which is basically just nylon stocking on a hoop – or you can make one yourself.

The difficult part tends to be attaching them to things so they stay in place. This one fits into a standard mic clip, which means no secondary noise transmission, and no futzing around with velco or whatever. Pop it into the clip, position it, and you’re done.

I’ve done some studio experiments with this new design, and it is dramatically better than my old version. I threw some intentionally super-severe popping of plosive sounds at it today (P-P-P-POW, P-P-P-POW, really punching those Ps as hard as I could), and where the old filter could only reduce them, this new design stopped three out of four outright. Under realistic conditions, it stopped everything. AND: it’s otherwise sonically transparent, so far.

So if you know anybody building their own equipment, well, here y’go, have a design. ^_^

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speaker advice?

Anybody know anything about PHONIC SEM-710 speakers? I borrowed a couple for the Bainbridge Island show and while they're not high power, they sounded surprisingly nice used with my amp, particularly for their price point and small size.

I'm particularly looking for any reasons why I really don't want these. Like, they explode, or something. I'd use them for very small venues and house concerts, where my Crate looks like some sort of invading alien monolith.

(Pawn shop spelunking has been highly unproductive as of late, so I'm looking at other options.)

Here's one place selling some, but that's just for illustration purposes. That street price is pretty typical.
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