December 20th, 2011

emma peel

And here we go

Ever since Congress signed off on suspension of habeas corpus, I've been telling people offline that the next step will be to start using "terrorist" excuses to remove other people from the court system, and possibly just assassinate them without trial, at Mr. Obama has now been doing to Americans overseas. I've also said that the vector would be the drug war.

The ink isn't even on the bill yet and this is already underway by the GOP in the House. Honestly, I thought it would take more time than that.

Some people have been trying to minimise the level of threat here by talking about the "material support" clause in the various terror bills. Many opponents have noted that "material support" means whatever the government wishes it to mean, but this has been discounted.

We now know that speech is considered material support. Yes, there are multiple charges in that trial, but one of them is specifically that speech is material support. Over here, we have another case, with an outright conviction on speech being designated material support. Over here is further analysis on the Department of Justice's efforts to criminalise based on speech, along with the plea-bargain of up to 15 years for making a pro-jihadi YouTube video.

The DoJ and Obama administration are also targeting Twitter accounts as terror weapons.

The situation is deteriorating more quickly than I expected. This is unfortunate. I hope that the House bill is merely grandstanding at this point, but given the naked brutality of the power grabs of the last few years and the similarly naked move towards internet censorship via both SOPA and these "speech is material support" cases, I no longer attempt to make predictions that such actions are mere grandstanding.

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