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ソーラーバードーのほん: Life in the Convergence Zone
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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

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lol no, mccree
Overrun on point A almost immediately, we discover that our Lúcio is trolling - he’s turned off passive heals and is wandering around the map seeing how slow he can go. We proceed to lose, but not until after holding on point B for seven fucking minutes, with no healer, and me as a solo-tanking Orisa. [highlight video] Our Torb was great, constantly feeding me armour packs, trying to make up for it.

I survived that Reaper ult in the highlight video, too. They took me down with under 60 seconds left with a triple-ult-stack, and that was it, but… those seven minutes were pretty glorious.

In other news, IT'S [pow] [cue monty python theme].

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Current Mood: amused

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