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ソーラーバードーのほん: Life in the Convergence Zone
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

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at least it ended well

Tonight was terrible. Team after team of silent non-cooperators. I'm going to finish this fucking season in bronze, thanks to those shitheels.

But. Finally got a win tonight without having to report somebody on my own goddamn team, which was a good way to end the night. (Yeah, seriously, I had a win where this fucking jackass tore into me with bonus homophobia for me playing Widowmaker - all while I was golding in kills and objective kills. Fuck you, dickbag. That shit is why the first rule of playing Widowmaker is not to join team chat.) But that was not this game, and I did play Widow on defence here, too, and was golding in kills when I changed, again, and nobody said boo. BECAUSE I WAS IN CHARGE IS WHY.

Kill streak got to 19, I think, and when enemy team finally got me I thought we'd lost, but our D.va - who had been kind of low-key - got off an absolutely brilliant nerf just after I got back (heading into overtime) and we closed with a fucking TEAM KILL.

And that is why you never fucking give up in this game. You just don't.

Also may've set a new personal high in comp for objective kills in comp? That's what it said, anyway.

Golded in all the things, like y'ought, as Tracer, too.

(gfycat version)

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