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December 2018 - solarbird
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by solarbird:

10:46 am: oh hello
05:23 pm: cartridge branding and dress is critical

12:36 pm: physical artefacts from alternate histories are the best
06:44 pm: The Arc of Ascension, Saga 12: Russia, and the Omnium

03:10 pm: i got another cartridge for my intel64!
06:43 pm: because sure why not (iNTEL 64)

04:34 pm: Let's try something new
04:42 pm: oooooh it works
05:31 pm: extended tracer play
05:36 pm: BRIGITTE play sample. Aw yeah.

01:41 pm: I made a widowtracer community
03:08 pm: i made a mekamechanic community too
04:51 pm: Welcome to Watchpoint: Gibraltar

02:00 am: master list of videogame fandom comms
10:38 am: lol no reaps sry
10:49 am: i will settle this argument for you

11:13 am: Widowmaker: everybody else quit!
11:25 am: sole survivor tracer takes the point
01:02 pm: Useful resource post
01:28 pm: (no subject)
05:02 pm: only one more weight under 100lbs
06:56 pm: i'm back on my bullshit because why wouldn't i be

10:45 am: Widowmaker: no, thou shalt not.
10:52 am: Tracer: No Mercy
10:56 am: i feel like i'm getting a handle on brigitte
11:35 am: widowmaker enjoys rialto
03:53 pm: new guy at the gym counter

01:14 pm: test post
07:11 pm: The Arc of Ascension (Visual Style)
10:44 pm: what what WHAT

01:32 am: BASHY BASHY
10:49 am: goddammit deevs
11:00 am: Widowmaker saves the day in Hollywood

10:54 am: lol whut zarya
10:59 am: lol whut winston?!
11:22 am: i'm not trapped in here with etc etc etc
11:29 am: nerf and a slug
11:37 am: Widowmaker: we will be having none of that.
02:48 pm: a current meme

01:48 pm: nice run on route 66
02:09 pm: this was all good, but the best part...
02:40 pm: i cannot stress enough
02:48 pm: Brigitte: No Bastion, Thou Shalt Not
02:57 pm: And yet, we still couldn't take the point
03:03 pm: Brigitte: Play of the Game? Again?
03:05 pm: Widowmaker: Genji, no. I'm better than that.

07:09 pm: Of Gods and Monsters: an announcement

10:35 am: widowmaker: finishing the job
11:01 am: Pharah: holding the point 'til my team comes back
11:04 am: Widowmaker:76 visits Busan

01:10 pm: Extended Widowmaker play, Temple of Anubis, second point.
01:20 pm: Closing the Deal in Busan
01:33 pm: Widowmaker: triangular loop at the Chateau

12:18 pm: playing around with ultraviolet

09:50 am: Widowmaker: elevator UP [pow]
09:59 am: Widowmaker: Not Feeling the Cold in Antarctica
10:07 am: Widowmaker: Not Having It
12:13 pm: Pharah: complete bloody rampage

09:55 am: widowmaker on tank patrol
10:01 am: maybe she was just tired
10:08 am: Widowmaker: this is where we win
10:10 am: Widowmaker: this pathway is mine

10:35 pm: what even is this

09:47 am: guess who does sound now?
09:58 am: Widowmaker: a little too literally on fire in Rialto
10:28 am: Justice RAINS ON YOUR FACE
12:48 pm: widowmaker: longer form sample

06:35 pm: COEXISTENCE ALPHA UPDATE - v0.845!

09:51 am: Pharah: you can hide, but you can't... hide!
09:56 am: Lúcio: can't stop won't stop will stop you
10:01 am: Widowmaker: wait that's not our symmetra

11:24 pm: Brigitte: Down 4 on 6? Fukkit. Let's take the point!
11:31 pm: Christ, smurf accounts are a grind.

12:26 pm: goodbye twentygayteen
10:29 pm: Children, please.