May 1st, 2020


Today's News (2020/5/1): White House Press Secretary Pledges No Lies, Lies Moments Later edition

I mean, who can be surprised. Anybody?

  1. Minutes after pledging to not lie, the new White House press secretary lied a whole bunch
  2. While Trump minimizes the toll, government orders 100,000 new body bags
  3. Trump says he won’t extend social distancing guidelines
  4. Poll: 67 percent of voters support voting exclusively by mail in 2020
  5. Fact check: Trump makes a bunch of false claims after event about protecting seniors
  6. The Memo: The surprising popularity of the Great Lockdown
  7. Trump said he’s seen intel that the virus outbreak originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. State Department disagrees.
  8. NRA board member encouraged people to attend protest against social distancing: “They can’t arrest all of us”
  9. Michigan House OKs lawsuit to limit Whitmer's powers
  10. Armed protesters demonstrate inside Michigan state capitol
  11. On aid to states, Trump seems to have an extortion plan in mind
  12. Mitch McConnell's new coronavirus plan: Make sure you can't sue a company that gets you sick
  13. 'A phantom plague': America's Bible Belt played down the pandemic and even cashed in. Now dozens of pastors are dead
  14. Laura Ingraham suggests masks aren’t essential and seems to say masks are a part of a media conspiracy to keep people scared
  15. Maryland guarding PPE with national guard, secrecy, to keep it from Federal seizure
  16. Trump forcing West Point graduates to risk coronavirus for his ego disrespects their work
  17. U.S. officials craft retaliatory actions against China
  18. Fact check: Hilton CEO shatters Trump's testing conspiracy theory while sitting beside him
  19. Eyman pays Washington $278,137.93 for long-running contempt citations

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GFCI/AFCI combo breakers are weird. Not in like a bad way, just... weird. Pigtails coming out of breakers are weird. Neutrals attaching to breakers are weird.

I mean it works and the circuit is now active and it's just all, you know, kind of nice and a little amazing to have this actually done after all this time but...


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