May 3rd, 2020


Today's News (2020/5/3): Toxic masculinity will kill us all edition

The GOP's natural efforts are to turn anything into yet another macho bullshit dickwaving competition, and it's starting to show up in polling numbers, and I hate everything. Meanwhile, Donkeyballs Donald continues to extend his grip on power and support fascists.

  1. Trump’s purge of Inspectors General continues
  2. CDC confirms six new coronavirus symptoms that are showing up in patients over and over
  3. Fauci warns states rushing to reopen: ‘You’re making a really significant risk’
  4. A ‘feminine’ crisis? Something unique about the coronavirus may be widening the political gender gap
  5. Sweden records deadliest week of century after resisting lockdowns
  6. Trump calls protesters who carried guns into the Michigan Capitol 'very good people' and says the governor should 'make a deal' with them
  7. House panel: White House blocks Fauci testimony on coronavirus
  8. Pritzker, who is being called Hitler with a swastika next to his name, is Jewish.
  9. Alex Jones has decided he will eat his neighbors if it comes to that.

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