May 5th, 2020


Today's News (2020/5/5): Intentionally Getting COVID-19 Is becoming a new Trumpian litmus test

I ran some errands today - a stop at the hardware store, dropped off some mail, dropped off some non-picked-up recycling.

Almost all women were wearing masks. Not all. But the vast majority.

Other than store workers required to, almost no men were. The only two who did were quite old. And that's here.

Meanwhile, over on the dry side - places like Walla Walla - they're having COVID-19 parties. Get everybody exposed. Get herd immunity no matter how many people it kills. In deep Trump territory, they're doing it in public, using children - see the news item 15 in the list. This will work well - particularly in conjunction with their ramping up of mask wearing as a "culture war" issue - as part of the strategy to destroy and de-legitimise containment efforts as part of the re-election campaign, as per my April 21st statement.

Not that anyone listens to me.

Cascadia Now. Maybe we can contain it here.

  1. Chris Christie Says U.S. Needs to Reopen and Accept More Deaths
  2. Today I got the idea to put together a thread of every public official, elected or appointed, who is advocating for or trying to normalize mass die-offs as a right and just sacrifice to make for the sake of The Economy (tm).
  3. White House coronavirus task force to be wound down around Memorial Day
  4. Pence, Fauci contradict each other on Federal winddown
  5. Donkeyballs Donald goes full extortionist on Federal aid
  6. Republicans on the Wisconsin Supreme Court are going to strike down Gov. Evers' stay-at-home order
  7. Whistleblower Alleges Trump Administration Ignored Dire COVID-19 Warnings
  8. During the 1918 influenza pandemic, officials had to design new public-health messages specifically targeted at men who thought a lot of the anti-flu measures were too feminine. [CONTEXT: Reporters in Arizona being harassed for wearing masks.]
  9. BrieAnna J. Frank - myself + other journalists here are being harassed for wearing masks.
  10. British Scientist Who Spearheaded National Lockdown Quits After Meeting With Married Lover
  11. Officials in Walla Walla are receiving reports of #COVID19 “parties” occurring in their community
  12. Noted shoplifter raises money to help Lewis County parents sue Washington state over school closure order
  13. Four Republican lawmakers sue Inslee over coronavirus stay-home order, contending ‘the emergency has been contained’
  14. Masks become a flashpoint in the virus culture wars
  15. Ohio group "Playground Patriots" works to defy COVID-19 containment, spread virus
  16. Trump IS leading by example, and journalists STILL don't get it

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