May 24th, 2020


Today's News (2020/5/23)

I was sure I saw an article about the Justice Department jumping in on the GOP side of a lawsuit against some state's stay at home order, but now I can't find it. Watch for that.

ETA: thanks to [personal profile] dewline for providing a link to the NPR story. Added.

I'm also seeing all the photos going around of large, not-remotely-social-distanced parties and resorts. Since it's all anecdotal and I don't have time to investigate every photo I see on Twitter, I'm not going to include them here. But be aware of that, as well.

  1. Trump declares houses of worship ‘essential,’ pressuring governors to let them reopen
  2. The government has spent decades studying what a life is worth. It hasn’t made a difference in the COVID-19 crisis.
  3. Israeli study says that the *average* R of a bit over 2 is actually composed of a small number of superspread events where over 80% of secondary infections stem from 1-10% of the population.
  4. Coronavirus is spiking disproportionately in counties that voted for Trump in 2016
  5. NEW Research—No evidence of benefit for #chloroquine and #hydroxychloroquine in #COVID19 patients
  6. Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades
  7. Justice Department Backs Challenge To Illinois Stay-At-Home Order

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