July 19th, 2021


Fox News has always been at war with Eastasia

The stock market took it in the balls today on Covid resurgence and someone made some phone calls, and Tucker Carlson spun on a dime, like the good little marionette he is.

Naturally, I went off on Twitter.

Okay, real question, Fox News viewers:

How do you cope?

Fox (and Carlson) have been pumping anti-vaccination BS and COVID denialism for months. And you've eaten it up, yum.

Today the stock market takes it in the shorts because COVID cases are spiking and suddenly it's real again.

How do you deal with this "we have always been at war with Eastasia" insanity?

How much spackle do you have to spread on your brain to smooth it out enough to cope with this absolute spin-on-a-dime horseshit?!

'Cause you're gonna do it again next time they turn. Obviously.

The deaths don't bother you, that's clear. Neither does instilling hundreds of thousands of people with long-term health deficits. Fox News is perfectly happy to ruin human lives for a shot at GOP victory in 2022, and so are you.

But do you truly have no self-respect? None at all?

I mean, the Fox News and GOP people who are going to die or have long-term health deficits, those are other people, right? Obviously.

(Until they're you. But they're never you until they're you.)

But this.

This is Fox saying "Dance, monkey. Dance."

And you do it. Every time.

And I'm just stuck here thinking...

How? How can you do this to yourselves?

Do you have so. little. self. respect. that you're willing to debase yourselves this way? Forever?

Really, Fox News/GOP folks?

Is this all you are?

Christ, why?

If it was just something you did to yourselves, I'd say, so be it. Your call. But that's not how plagues work.

Plagues don't just affect fools pretending they aren't real because politics. You're sickening and killing other people too. So we have to care. Because you don't.

Which gets me back to the question.

How the fuck do you cope with this turnaround, Fox News Nation?

I wanna know.

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