September 1st, 2021


vaccines no, livestock de-wormer yes

I'm de-referencing this by one because it's too disgusting. Here's a link to my Twitter link. You'll have to click twice.


A bunch of anti-vaxxers in the ivermectin Facebook group are reporting defecating "rope worms" when taking the livestock dewormer ivermectin. They think this is good, like they actually have some parasite or other.

But "rope worms" aren't parasites. They're what happens when you poison your intestinal lining, causing it to slough off.

The "worms" are their own intestinal lining.

Apparently some of them do this to their autistic children, too, only with chlorine dioxide, which they think "cures" or "treats" autism. That's where the term "rope worms" emerged.

(Wikipedia notes that one's a mandatory referral to CPS if detected.)

I gotta admit, this one makes me feel physically ill.

Pooping out your own organs to own the libs, I guess.

That's where we are.


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