September 16th, 2021


The Big Lie, Updated

Originally written on Twitter. I may post a revised version of this, but I want to get this version posted before I lose it in the mess that is Twitter's interface.

ALT-immigration Passport control - @ALT_uscis · Sep 14
If you had some doubt about Gen Milley, trump just went on new max and confirmed milley did the right thing.

WATCH: Trump predicts America will end in three years during unhinged Newsmax interview it.

He's rolling out the next phase of the big lie. Right here. And it is:

There was no pandemic under Trump.

Oh, there was some COVID, but it wasn't too bad. Wouldn't even have been noticed that much if Democrats hadn't lied about it to undermine his presidency.


Even with Democratic undermining, Trump handled it perfectly. He closed the boarders and there was a treatment and a vaccine which you don't really need but still.

Everything was great and going to be great until the Democrats stole the election.


Then the Democrats stole the election and immediately made everything horrible.

All the bad stuff you remember? None of that was under Trump. The bits that were were because the Democrats sabotaged the economy.


All the rest is senile Biden and his Socialist Democrat puppetmasters wrecking everything.

The fact that absolutely none of this is true is irrelevant.

The fact that everything Republicans are doing makes the plague worse is _incredibly_ relevant.


The narrative justifies literally anything. More election theft, violence, another coup attempt, whatever.

So they're going to keep turning it as far up as they can at every step.

Power at any cost. They have to, after all. To save America.


They'll consider everything they do fully justified.

After all, the Lying Democrats stole an election, destroyed the booming Trump economy, and trampled American liberty and freedom underfoot over a disease that barely exists.


Why? Who even cares. The Devil. That's why.

What matters is that We The Republicans have to Save America from the Satanic Communist Democrats at any cost.

_Any_ cost.

Or it's the End of America.


That's the package he's rolling out.

Right now, Republicans are happy to buy it. 59% think it's _important_ to believe the original Big Lie to even be a Republican.

This just takes the idea one step further, completing it.


Take back power or America dies.

Everything and anything is justified because the alternative is national death.

America is dying right in front of you, don't you see it?

Take back power through any means necessary, or America dies.


Fascist politics, re-created as illiberal democracy, where sure, you have elections, but only the right people can win.

Just like his best buddy, Putin.

That's the campaign. That's the New Big Lie.


They'll be revising history like Stalinists on meth for the next two years. I mean, yes, obviously, they already do that - but they'll do it _even more_.

(While running as many sabotage operations as possible, of course.)


Never let it stand, not one lie, one revision; hold the line at every turn. This is existential politics.

They won't stop, but you can stop others from falling for it. If people don't fall for it, they fail.

Brace yourselves




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