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Even More

elfs pointed me at this here. I'm elevating it. So much for my holiday.

Family Security Matters is a sockpuppet organisation of the Center for Security Policy, and its influential National Security Advisory Council. Note the partial lists of members of the latter two organisations. Note their various positions in the Federal government, past and present. Sadly, the lists are out of date.

On 3 August 2007, Family Security Matters posted an article by FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson calling explicitly for a coup d'etat to keep Chief Executive Bush in office indefinitely. (Backup link here.) FSM have since disappeared the article (note the   in the Must Read Articles list on their frontpage) and are in the process of disappearing the contributing editor and his other articles. Here is another cached copy of the article calling for a Bush dictatorship.

I care very much about the list of members in FSM's parent Center for Security Policy, and very much that an organisation with this many people at this level of government could publish an explicit call for coup d'etat and the establishment of a dictatorship. If you don't, then what the fuck is wrong with you?

[ETA: Free Republic reposts a lot of FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson's stuff, and notes that he is, in fact a contributing editor. I was trying to find his FSM bio cached somewhere, but haven't succeeded. Link courtesy risu.]
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