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Here, have a Politics of Stupid post

Stupid, stupid, stupid! It's a stupid festival!

So it's stupid enough of Dino Rossi's stupid operatives to drag somebody out of a police-endorsement Rossi press conference if they aren't doing anything disruptive, even if they work for the Democratic party; it's very stupid to then call in an on-duty uniformed officer to harass them further on the sidewalk. I feel sorry for the officer called in, he probably doesn't know anything about what's going on - he just ends up looking like a stupid dick. The Democrats have already made a point of letting it be known that they don't harass the "operative" Mr. Rossi has following their events.

Meanwhile, Stupid Focus on the Stupid Family was asking stupid people to pray for torrential rain during Senator Obama's acceptance speech, complete with street and small flood advisories. "It's not boyish humour, and you're a selfish hypocrite." Also? Stupid.

In related, and also stupid, political weather news, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (S-MN) says we don't have to worry about stupid global warming because Jesus already saved the stupid planet.

Coincidentally, over at the Tulsa World, where stupid state rep. Sally Kern (R-Stupid) has declared herself "a cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian Values, there's a big ol' ad for the Weather Channel. Stupid meets irony!

Finally, over at The Stupid Roundtable, stupid Cokie Roberts calls Senator Obama going on vacation in Hawai'i - where he's from and where his grandmother lives - a big mistake because it's too foreign. Please, please, please kick us out too, stupid people! Please!
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