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Going around all the lists

annathepiper already wrote it up, so I'm just going to quote her:
It's just not been a good year for filkers and folk singers. :( Alexander James Adams and his wife Kore are facing a threat of foreclosure on their 30-acre farm. So if you're a past fan of Heather Alexander, a current fan of Alexander James Adams, or both, and there are albums or other merchandise you don't have yet... now would be a very good time to make with the ordering. ASAP, folks. Note: you can buy CDs directly off of Heatherlands, the legacy Heather Alexander site. Or, if you're inclined, a bunch of Heather music is available for download on iTunes...

Note also that AJA is 1/3 of the group Tricky Pixie, so purchasing their live album would be helpful, too. Plus the album just rocks, so you should have it anyway! I've picked up a couple Heather-era albums I didn't have yet, and solarbird and I will be buying the latest AJA, A Familiar Promise, ASAP.
This is also going around the mailing lists, feel free to forward; it was originaly posted by s00j to her blog here:
This is partly paraphrased from another post and partly straight from the gut. Tricky Pixie fans, read on.

Our fiddler and friend Alec and his wife Kore are about to lose their beloved and inspiring 30 acre farm. They are facing the F-word: Foreclosure. They have this month (August) to cough up enough money to keep the land and to protect it.

Alec and Kore's Farm, Fae Hollow, is one of the most amazing places we as a band have ever been. I can't imagine it belonging to anyone other than these two very special friends and colleagues of ours. Tricky Pixie is committed to keeping Fae Hollow in the family.

Their home and land are not the only things on the line, here. We're also talking about emu (emus?), horses, cats, chickies, llamas, and a peacock, not to mention the finest, noblest, best Jack Russell Terrier ever (that precious puppy on the cover of Alec's new album, A Familiar Promise, is Taiko, Chief Executive Pup).

That being the case, this is a really good time to buy any of Alec's or Heather Alexander's merchandise - in addition to the CDs, there's now a songbook of Heather's stuff. Tricky Pixie can certainly vouch for the top quality of the body of work that Alec and Heather share. Additionally, Alec is working on other projects to bring in funds - threatening an "Adopt a Faery" program, among other things. Check the below websites for information:

Faerie Tale Minstrel
The Heatherlands

Please pass the word on to those you think might want to know, and buy Heather or Alec CDs, and look for a new album, as well as other clever fundraising ideas.
So that's no fun. Alec's tour schedule is here; Betsy and SJ have a couple more shows together in the Northwest before SJ heads to Burning Man as well, schedule here.
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