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Surprisingly, today was a very good day. Not at first; but there was shade and then there were lake breezes, and that make it survivable after an initial near-bout with heatstroke.

But that's not what I mean. What I mean is at this point, for the entire month of August, I am making more per hour busking than I did per hour when first starting at Microsoft. (And that Microsoft number assumes a cakelike assumption of a 40-hour workweek. Factor in the 50-hour reality and I'm now making a lot more.)

Of course, that ignores inflation. Also, it disregards that I work at this about six hours a week. But I am also told that there are current contract positions at Microsoft which pay less per hour than I made today at Juanita Bay.

Also, the vendors gave me cupcakes and flowers, which is always crazy awesome. And I arranged the new mandolin song ("Let Me Help") into a performable interim version this morning and performed it, if suboptimally, a few times today. People seem to like it. Yay!
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