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twice is coincidence

So that went pretty well. Weird bits include Incident Two of someone thinking that I sound like Led Zeppelin, and that I was doing some Led Zeppelin song they didn't know. And in this case asking me to do another one, but of course I don't know any Led Zeppelin. I also had someone think I sounded like Jethro Tull, and she thought that the Led Zeppelin people were just silly. I really don't get it either way, but, um, okay.

The heat was bad but not as bad as yesterday. I do feel pretty tired and a little queasy tonight again. Bleah. But I didn't get any sunburn (not even redness) and clouds helped a lot, so I just felt slow on and off today, not ill.

Oh, also, there was more asking about CDs, and somebody recognised me from the newspaper, which is weird. Recording is an autumn project, definitely. That'll be yet another adventure! Handling the newspaper thing, well, hum, yay? I dunno. I guess I'll have to get used to it, there were two people down there today shooting with intent, one of whom had what I would definitely consider a pro kit, one of whom had a prosumer kit. Neither really talked to me but they did take a bunch of pictures.

I performed the same interim version of the new song ("Let Me Help") a few times again today, bolluxing it up pretty regularly, like y'do. I need to get that into a more completed form for this coming weekend. cflute thinks parts of it sound too much like bits of "Thought You Knew," which makes me go nang. I think she's talking mostly about the interim gluing bits, but I dunno. I do know it needs more work.

(Oh, I know about that reaction because after performing, I came home and joined up with Anna's music jam already in progress, about 45 minutes into it. And they cut out for pie a little bit after 4pm. HEY, JAMMING GROUP! YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO STAMINA OR WHAT? But it was fun.)

Oh, also, I think I do like the bronze Martin strings better than the steel/nickel D'Addario. Not so much for any breakage issues - and they don't last any longer from a "live" vs. "dead" sound standpoint really - but the tone is a little more, hum, complex? Difficult to quantify. And I haven't broken any yet. ^_^ Of course, I haven't broken any D'Addario strings in a while either, so.
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