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So Bothell was another Bothell day, which is to say, not all that many people and not that much money, but the weather was pleasant and one of the vendors gave me a peach (which I ate with an oaty bar for lunch) and a melon which I am saving for tomorrow, since tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and melons are better when it's hot. ^_^ Also, a couple of people saying they were with the Bothell Arts Fair said it was too late this year but they'd maybe like me around for their fair next summer, so I said "Sure!" and gave them a card, so hopefully something will happen from that.

Juanita Bay continued to be made of awesome - same rate of awesome as last week to the penny, it's a shame I could only be there for an hour - and somebody wanted a card specifically for making a Splinter-class flute for them. So they also got a card. Also, one family I remember from last week came back this week just as I was packing up and I played an extra song for the one of their children they described as "my fan." And that was awesome. HI!

Then I drove to murksouth and showed a potential new housemate for this fall's Din tenant group and he seemed nice and hopefully all that will go over without any trouble. I'm going to have to scramble to get the place ready between August 31 and September 15th, particularly since I'm actually going to have to get it done by September 12th, because annathepiper and I are going to take a quick overnight trip to hang out in Vancouver with cow before she goes in for her hopefully final round of surgery. Evar. Fingers crossed.

I started a new song last night that kind of came out of nowhere. It's kinda mean, or possibly kinda creepy, or possibly just real angry, but in a "where the fuck did that come from?" sense. I dunno where it's going tho' but I'm gonna let it and see what happens. But now I am sleepy.

Woodinville 9am tomorrow. I'm gonna try it and see what happens. Maybe mornings there will be better attended - after Wednesday's rain-out I could use some luck. I meant to ask the people at Cupcake Luv (who have previously given me a cupcake, btw, and it was tasty) who are at both Juanita Bay and Woodinville about that, but I ended up having to hurry off before I could. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! ^_^
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