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I looked up my mandolin

The mandolin I play, which sounds like no other mandolin I've picked up, is a Mid-Missouri Mandolin model M-11. It's no longer available, and the company is out of business due to a fire. As a letter from a customer notes at the bottom of the page, I am not the only one to notice the extremely atypical Loud these mandolins can produce.

The maker appears to have formed a new company (with a rather minimalist website) but I don't know - that website hasn't been updated in some time, and it's pretty small. I hope he has. Either way, I guess I should continue to be extra careful with this beast, and look for a hardshell case.

Mine's serial number 3268. I hope that means at least 3,268 were made, and they didn't start numbering at, say, 1000, or 3000; I wouldn't want to have to go looking for a replacement. But if I had the money, I'd be looking for a spare, just in case. Preferably one with a built-in pickup, if such a variant exists. I was thinking about someday getting this one modified for that - but those plans are now over. (Fortunately, it appears there are other options. Not cheap other options. But other options.)
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