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bits forgotten in the rumble

Both before and during the Republican National Convention, there were many pre-emptive police raids (includes links to video) against various groups planning to film or protest the RNC. This is an example of one of the pre-emptive raids, this one against a group planning to video protests. (Followup here and here.) The Federal government spent a lot of time engaged in massive domestic spying beforehand, planting agents in various protest groups, before detaining dozens of potential protestors before the convention. Various journalists were also arrested and charged with "conspiracy to commit riot" (includes video), including several people including Nichole Salazar and Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, an Associated Press photographer, and reporting intern for Utne Reader. For fun, you can also watch this protestor standing on a street with a flower getting teargassed right in the face.

Meanwhile, on the way out, the Bush administration is continuing to work to institutionalise its theories about unlimited executive power, most significantly, its ability to detain anyone indefinitely, more domestic spying powers such as that used against protest groups above, and so on.

Separately, and in case you missed it, the US launched a military attack into Pakistani territory back on the 2nd.
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