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The "lipstick on a pig" lie

The GOP, with the help of the ever-compliant political media, is trying to create a controversy out of a lie; the assertion that Senator Obama called Governor Palin a "pig." This is, again, a lie. Here is the actual quote:
“John McCain says he’s about change, too — except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics. That’s just calling the same thing something different.”

With a laugh, he added: “You can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change; it’s still going to stink after eight years.”
Note the complete lack of any reference to Governor Palin; please note the clear and unarguable analogy of the GOP record. As Andrew Sullivan notes, this lie - being pushed by the McCain campaign, ABC News, Drudge, Sean Hannity, The New York Times, National Review, the recently slapped-down MSNBC, and no doubt others - demonstrates that Senator McCain does not have the minimal public integrity to be president of the United States:
We are being asked to believe that he called Sarah Palin a pig. If the people making that accusation have half a brain they know it's not true. This is not a question of interpretation. It is a fact. So we now find out again that John McCain is prepared to tell an absolute lie - in public, verifiable, uncontestable.
It also demonstrates the depth of the depravity, stupidity, and compliance to power of the American political media. It is beneath contempt.

eta: Wow, MSNBC is really going overtime to kiss up to the GOP at this point; they've put up a poll asking whether Senator Obama "went too far" with this thing he did not actually do. Now that's being a Political Media player! Go TeamGOP!
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