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Did the Democrats just give the GOP 15-20* seats in the House this fall?

Popular opinion was overwhelmingly against this action. Calls were ranging between 100:1 against and 300:1 against, depending upon representative. House Republicans rebelled against the Bush administration and its 19% approval rating; Democrats continued to be enablers. GOP economic conservatives who fought against this now have a reason to vote Republican.

I'm not paranoid enough to wonder whether the whole thing was a setup from the beginning - even though with a plan so disconnected from reality you have to wonder - but I do have to wonder if the House GOP saw the public reaction and took an opportunity handed to them.

eta: see kevin_standlee's commentary here about interesting parliamentary action. I wondered about some of that too but didn't know what it meant.

*: I am, for the record, pulling the "15-20" number completely out of my ass.
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