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I don't have much in politics right now, but I'm closing some browser windows, so here, have a list:

Courtesy jwz, we have the official Denver Police Union Democratic National Convention Commemorative T-Shirt, and no, I'm not making that up:

Official Police Union T-Shirt. Yes, Really.

In other news, as planned, a group of fundamentalist evangelical preachers made explicitly partisan political speeches as sermons a few weeks ago in defiance of Federal laws saying tax-exempt organisations cannot engage in partisan politics; they want churches to be both tax-exempt and partisan political operations; the ADF is waiting for legal action.

The new US border search policy is even wider than we'd heard, with dramatically more intrusive authorisations than any previous version; it's not just electronic devices they can seize and data-strip, it's anything.

Finally, see all my posts under the economics tag for the sweeping new powers of nationalisation the Fed and Treasury have taken on in the last several weeks, and, of course, this afternoon's vote on the so-called bailout bill.
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