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not too bad

Today was the last day for the Lake Forest Park market, and the weather was surprisingly good, so I went down there to play despite having just played last weekend. I didn't do as well as I was doing in August, like has been the case since August, but I did okay; I played The Last Saskatchewan Pirate in addition to all my usual stuff, mostly because I wanted to have something new to them in my set. I also sang a little when nobody was paying too my attention, just to do it - they don't want vocals at these things, so I kept it quiet, but it was nice to do.

I also closed with Theme to Rawhide, just for the hell of it. ^_^

Anyway, I made almost enough for the junk violin at the pawn shop today. It's rly junk - it's one of those cheap Chinese things, I'm 100% sure somebody bought it at streetfair or similar and dumped it when they discovered they weren't actually going to learn to play - but it'll be fun to play with to see if I want to learn how to play a real one. ^_^ (I've been looking at supercheap pawn shop violins lately in case one was cheap enough to buy without caring whether anything happens to it. There's one at the pawn shop over by the Safeway that meets the criteria.)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend!

Oh, sadly, they don't want me for the winter markets; they've got stage acts and such arranged through the Commons association already. Blah. If anybody wants to tell me how one goes about getting booked places in the winter, I'd love to hear it. (Yes, I need a demo. Workin' on that, bit at a time.)
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