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Late-night nervousness

Japan closed down 9.4%. Hong Kong is down around 7% as I type. Indonesia fell 10% and they halted trading indefinitely. Moscow opened and immediately fell 13.7%; I don't know whether they're still trading, but their ... not-entirely-responsive website says they're down 14.2% right now. US Futures are not looking particularly good. Dollar is stable against the basket but the Yen is having a rocketshot, now up to US$1=円100.12; TED is still quite elevated but stable overnight.

Rumours are floating about UK credit card (Visa) refusals in Germany, but that appears to be false, sourced from a misunderstood situation regarding a German bank attempting to corral more customers by making its ATM policies less convenient for non-account-holding customers. (Making them go inside to see a teller, basically.) This is very different and not an actual refusal or failure. That's important.

See you in the morning...
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