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The scarce political post

Okay, fine, this must be kinda genius if it can make me giggle at this point.

To the surprise of no one, the White House did explicitly endorse torture, tho' they used the SS-coined "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" label instead. The surprising thing is that apparently it's on paper. How lovely.

This commentary on the strategies against the anti-marriage initiative in California has really depressing commentary. The Mormon Church has thrown in heavily for the measure, and I hear from people I know in California that airtime is now overwhelmingly filled with anti-marriage commercials and ads saying that Proposition 8 must be passed to "protect our families" and all that. Governor Schwarzenegger opposes the measure, but isn't actually doing anything to oppose it other than making the linked statement. Unsurprisingly, Governor and candidate for Vice-President Sarah Palin endorses a Federal amendment against marriage for GBLT couples. You can donate here to the pro-marriage/anti-Proposition 8 side if you want.

The commentary here, in response to Michelle Malkin's condemnation of General Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Obama for president, are no fun either. Meanwhile, you have the Movement Conservatives building their psychological case for "betrayal" as cause of losing this election, as pretty much all indications say they will. That's a real bad meme. (And yes, I hate linking to DailyKOS; think of it as a link to The Whiskey Bar, since that is a post by that ex-blog's writer, billmon, who I liked to read back in the day.) As part of that, you see Republican Rep. Bachmann calling for Anti-American activities investigations and prosecutions, and Governor Sarah Palin renewing the 2004-era "real America" vs. "traitors" memetics, only this time on the losing side.

As a metacommentary on all of this, I strongly recommend reading this entry at Overcoming Bias: Ends Don't Justify Means. It's not as long as the scrollbar indicates, there are just a lot of comments. This is an explanation of the usefulness of rationality rolled up into a short blog post, and it's that rationality which has almost entirely been thrown overboard in American political culture.
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