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Open Mic: Take II

So this Saturday (November 1st) there's an open mic at Soul Food Books in Redmond, and I'm playin' it. I don't know when I'll be on, unfortunately, but it'll be sometime between 7pm and 10pm. Hopefully it'll be closer to 7 than 10, since one of my problems last weekend was the two and a half hour wait before going on. I'm going to get there for the very opening of the signup window so I can sign up early, which should help.

I'll be playing the complete (with lyrics, oooh) versions of "Stars," "Thought You Knew," and, hopefully, "When You Leave." (I don't know how many songs/how much time I'll get; it'll depend upon how many people show up.) These won't be fake lyrics made of fake words, either, these'll be real words. 95% in English! Hopefully I'll be doing better at it this time.

Soul Food Books is located at 15748 Redmond Way, in downtown Redmond's historic strip mall district, and also right off Burke-Gilman, so map it if you want to bike there. (Seriously, it's like right there. Extremely convenient to bike.) Anyway, this open mic is like Cafe Ladro's not at all low-key one turned out to actually be, only it's not just a stage area, it's an actual stage. At least this time I'm expecting that, and not expecting a low-key off-to-the-corner thing like on Caprica.

So c'mon, children, everybody come point and laugh!
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