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Oh good, more Hitler rhetoric

The fundamentalists are bringing out the "gays == nazis" rhetoric again. C.f. this Yes on 8 speaker saying that if "we" don't overturn marriage for queers it'll be like accomodating Hitler and the Nazi party. The Yes on 8 side also just got another $4.5 million in funds in the last two days and is buying $2m in ads a day.

The "No on 8" campaign - the campaign to preserve marriage rights in California - has stated that their site came under DDOS attack earlier this week, preventing donations from being made, but that they have resolved this issue. Donate to the "No on 8" campaign here.

eta: More normal YouTube link here. And the speaker is the spokesperson for Yes on 8, so this isn't some random jackass. It's a specific and highly-placed jackass!

eta2: And at the same rally, they've got the old "they can't reproduce so they have to recruit" language revved back up. For those who don't know: this is 90s shorthand for "faggots will rape your kids and turn them into queers." In the 90s, they'd actually say all those words outright (adding "and give them AIDS" for bonus "kill your children" points) but that plays badly now. All this comes from the key fundamentalist dogma about homosexuality which requires that being GBLT is not in any way innate, but is instead a learned and sinful behaviour. Accordingly, this behaviour must be taught, which leads directly to a small variant on old-school blood libel, wherein adult queers rape children to "turn" them into queers. This is also the source of the no-longer-as-often-repeated "pedophilia is the basis of homosexuality" libel in the fundamentalist community.

So that's what they're talking about here: the longstanding (decades-old) rhetoric that queers want to kill your children by raping them, giving them AIDS, and turning them into queer monsters like themselves. That's what this clip's shorthand means.
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