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The push to move right

More suggestion that Mr. Obama shouldn't do anything about torture or Gitmo too soon, or he'll look "soft on terrorism." Similarly, the press continues to play its bullshit "equivalence" game, as Maureen Dowd at the New York Times looks at Mr. Clinton's blowjob and Mr. Bush's torture, ending of habeas corpus, unlimited-power executive, and discarding of rule of law as roughly equal failures. Fuck you, Maureen Dowd, and fuck the New York Times for still publishing you.

In similar incompetent media news, apparently a variety of reporters sat on various Sarah Palin stories until after the election; I personally presume this is related to not wanting to offend Senator McCain or make him look bad, which remained throughout the campaign a key motivating factor for most so-called reporters covering his campaign.

But hopefully no one will be fooled that "not looking soft on terror" will make the right more accommodating of an Obama presidency; three people commenting on this New York Times blogger's post are already hoping for Mr. Obama's impeachment. (See previous commentary on an early Impeach Obama website being online before balloting even opened.)
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