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Conscience forces this post

Sadly I find that I am driven by conscience to report that the head of President-Elect* Obama's intelligence policy transition team, John Brennan, is a known and overt supporter of Mr. Bush's torture regime, as well as being a supporter of both FISA and retroactive immunity. More here, and here, about rule of law, or lack thereof.

I'm not saying that I take Mr. Brennan's position as a statement that Mr. Obama has decided to retain torture in some sort of "reformed" guise, as I have mentioned is being discussed (and outright advocated) in various circles in DC. However, I do and must find it very disturbing that the head of Mr. Obama's intelligence-matters transition team is a forthright supporter of the use of torture. I can't see much good coming out of just hoping for the best. You can see where that's led already.

So yes, torture policy is enough to break my intended political retreat after just a couple of days away. I heard about this matter and felt sick, and felt morally obligated to investigate it, and, well, there's what we know. Supporters of Mr. Obama may wish to send him commentary on this matter.

*: Yes, I know he's not technically President-Elect until the Electoral College meets, and the correct term is President Designate. Thanks.

eta: this doesn't change anything I said in the previous post.
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