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oh dear

...I appear to have been using the other folders on my little PVR for music ideas too.

I thought I had like two or three untranscribed song ideas on this frob, and that everything else was performance recordings and notes from Anna's jamming group and stuff I'd already transcribed and such. Turns out... not so much. More like, um, 25-ish tracks need transcription. (I did two tonight.) There's nine or 10 flute song ideas left, one bit of sample-driven techno/electronica I forgot about, a bunch of mandolin things I'd likewise completely forgotten, and some synth/dance idea that's kind of like Stars and kind of completely different, on keyboards.

This sounds awesome and kind of is, but it just took me two hours to transcribe two minutes of flute music idea because of how much I suck at transcription. I guess it's time to get better at that now.
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