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I'm not sure three songs counts as a setlist

So! I was very surprised when kathrynt and llachglin showed up with dancey Lillian just in time for me to start the first of three songs; that was fun. (Hi guys!) I had a more songs ready but he didn't give me the time for more. Having listened to the pocket-recorder recording: I was still too fast, I'm still having pitch problems (mostly on attacks, mostly early on), I still have support problems particularly in the upper range - but none of them as badly as before, and I got better as I got warmed up. (Seriously, this show-up-first sign-up-first sit-there-for-almost-two-hours thing is no damn fun at all. I'd like to play one of these warm for once.)

My voice still has a hollow/nasally quality I don't like. I need to figure out whether I can fix it, and if so, how. Some if it is probably support - better support always helps everything - but not all of it.

Oh, the songs in question were, in order: When You Leave, Thought You Knew, and Stars. I was going to have The World Falls Down between Thought You Knew and Stars. And if everything had gone crazy well and if I'd gotten extended time I'd have added, oh, Artifacts (which I can barely play) and My Boyfriend (which I can finally play through without giggling. Sometimes.)

Next weekend, back to the stage at Soul Food Books, with their two-songs-only rule; that'll be When You Leave and Thought You Knew, neither of which they've heard before. Well, unless Artifacts comes together for reals before then, in which case it'll be an all-nasty-intent show. That'd be fun.
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