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...okay yeah I really think I figured out something

There are a couple of things I've really disliked about my singing voice on recordings. I figured out something a few weeks ago with airflow in my sinus passages and have been playing with it, and I can in fact turn this problem on and off now at will, which is awesome because really there's no reason ever to turn it on as far as I'm concerned but you never know.

Anyway, I've been playing with it standalone for a while and finally today in combination with instruments (brought their own surprises, like you'd expect) and I think I've got things mapped out now more generally. It's going to be a difficult habit (or really, set of habits) - to break. But it's worth it. I mean, I'm not turning into Ella Fitzgerald or something suddenly, but the thing I hear in recordings as a weird brittleness/confined tone that drives me a little bit crazy pretty much go away when stop doing these little things I've been doing since more or less forever, and I want that better sound kind of a lot.

Weird set of habits tho'. I wonder how I got into them? I wonder whether the airflow-in-sinuses thing is related to my grass pollen allergies; that'd make a kind of sense.
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