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Now I want to talk about a clothes hanger

So somewhere along the line we found this clothes hanger, probably when we lived in the U. District. Now, we of course have a lot of clothes hangers - I bought a bunch of wooden ones in boxes of 50 at Target for very reasonable cost, and those are the ones I mostly use. I kept this one because it was plastic and thick, so you could hang-dry clothes on it. Beyond that, it's just an old plastic hanger - nothing noteworthy about it. Or so I thought, until one day, I looked a little closer.

This suit hanger was some engineer's baby. It was some company's pride. It was a hanger a company cared enough about not just to throw into a box, not even just to brand, but to give a model. To, in fact, name. And not just any name, even; they wanted to give it a name with drama; one that implied intrigue. They wanted a name a man would remember, a model for which he'd ask. They wanted a name that he'd see and think, You know, I bet James Bond uses this hanger. I should, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Falcon 17:

Falcon 17

Not Even Joking
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