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And in case you missed it

Here's the full bipartisan Senate report, issued with no dissents, proving that Chief Executive Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld both authorised the Bush administration's torture regime. Also, here's a Harpers article on the report. For more, here's Andrew Sullivan talking about it, tracking the direct import of methodology from Nazi Germany and various Communist regimes, and the possibly-accidental import of Nazi terminology efforts to redefine torture as "enhansed interrogation." In a separate post, he correctly calls Mr. Bush the Architect of Abu Ghraib, pointing out that Mr. Bush irrefutably lied to both Congress and the American public, repeatedly, about all of these topics.

I posted a little about some of this over the weekend, as well. The Bush administration is an administration of war criminals. The failure to act against them is a national disgrace. That so many in both parties are working their fullest to continue this travesty nauseates me at the deepest of levels.

eta: Glenn Greenwald discusses the near-complete media blackout on this story, even though the report puts Mr. Bush and his administration responsible for torture, and deaths under his torture programme, which is to say, murder. And yet there is hardly a word about it on the air.
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