Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

Eight days meme

Tagged by lyonesse: the Eight Days Meme posting something that made you happy that day each days for eight consecutive days. Then you tag eight people to do the same.

Today (Wednesday 17 December):
  1. Sparrowspheres at the bird feeder.
  2. This new pick technique I'm screwing with that makes sounds kind of liquidy. Not something to use everywhere, but it's definitely a tool I'll use.
  3. 16 bars of Bringing It-class* intro for a new song. I have no idea what's next yet, so actual success in actually Bringing It is still entirely up in the air and worrisome. Awesome is a heavy burden. -_^

*: A couple of times now I have written songs with openings that in my head are essentially saying, "Okay, listen the fuck up: I'm bringing it. Seriously, are you ready? Because I am goddamn Bringing. It." These are the kinds of things that when I play them in crowded spaces people across the room turn and stare. "Stars" has an intro that says I am goddamn Bringing It. "Artifacts (You'll Never See)" has an intro that says I am goddamn Bringing It, with the codicil of And It Doesn't Like You. (This was the thing where I proved to annathepiper that Summer, my mandolin, could in fact be played with nasty intent.) This new thing may be in that general class of thing. We'll see.
Tags: meme only, music
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