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Well, that was a colossal waste of time

So on and off - mostly off - for a while, I've been reading documentation for Ardour, a digital audio workstation with all sorts of neat but somewhat complicated stuff, and that's meant figuring out JackOSX, a virtual plugboard system that hates lifehas issues with OSX 10.5.6 but they're working on it, and that's meant trying to get it to talk to my little Geffen iMic, a low-noise high-fidelity USB external sound interface, and that's been an unending clusterfuck, because nobody wants to talk to the little hockey puck if it can avoid it. When I finally do get JackOSX to talk to it, it insists that the iMic is a 6400bps device, and that's just useless and wrong.

But I did at least get everything talking to each other, so tonight I finally decided, "okay! Maybe JackOSX's interface is just wrong, and it's really a 44.1K device, and I can just make it go." So I actually try to do some test recording...

...and Ardour decides that my hard drive is too slow to record anything (from a 6400bps device, presumably) and promptly tells me to DIAF.

I'm pretty sure given the system requirements that my hard drive is not too slow, even if this is a laptop. C'mon. Nothing else is running here. Et tu, ardour?
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