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update on s00j

Okay, so s00j's surgery yesterday went well, but they discovered that she had both appendicitis and the ovarian cyst, which meant bringing in an extra surgeon mid-procedure to take care of both at once. You can read lots of details here. As I mentioned previously, s00j is a full-time working musician without health insurance, so that's all very expensive.

One of the things being done to help raise money for all this - they need around US$25,000 - is a benefit anthology that sounds awesome. So go look at that, if you already have her CDs or the Tricky Pixie live CD, or, you know, something else. There are a lot of options.

And while we're on the topic of Tricky Pixie, jenk noted over in alexanderfans that Tricky Pixie band member and solo musician Alexander James Adams's finances are still pretty iffy for various unfortunate reasons. I'll just quote her:
...we did save Fae Hollow from the loss of the Washington Renaissance Faire, but Alec has told me that finances are still strained, and probably will be for a few years. Partly it's the cost of the transition (he does have insurance, at least at the moment) and the ongoing cost of buying Phil out of the house and the business. So if you have friends or relatives you'd like to corrupt introduce to Alec's music, it's always a good time. (And CDs are all $15 at shows - just a little discount there. :)
So! It's been a difficult year for musicians I know. Check their stuff out, it's fun.
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