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okay, that was weird

Two people in a red sedan license 556-STM (I think) just drove up to the foot of our driveway, took a picture from inside the car, (from the passenger side, and using a flash - lulz), checked the shot (or did something that looked like that), and then drove off.

So, um, wut? Any ideas? (Other than maybe, I dunno, Google street view filling in missed shots? Google's streetview shot of our house consists almost entirely of sunlight glare in the camera lens.)

eta: Paul said "real estate" thinking "real estate scam" and I realised it probably was real-estate related: it was someone looking for comparables. There are a couple of houses for sale near ours, including one that had an open-house last weekend. So I suspect they got an offer and now are going through appraisal.
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