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oh black and decker how you do annoy me

So the filter and the thing that holds the filter in place on Paul's 7.2V rechargeable wet/dry dustbuster vacuum went on walkabout, and Paul bought a entire replacement unit, but of course I hate throwing perfectly good things out that just need parts, so I poked around on Black and Decker's website until I gave up trying to find parts ordering and contacted email costumer service, which kindly sent me back a phone number and a link to a parts-ordering website, the latter of which had been domain-squatted.

Well done.

So I call the phone number, and the first thing the phone answering system does is direct me to a different parts-ordering website, only this one actually works! And it knows the device and lists the parts.
90508160   WET DEFLECTOR   $0.73  In Stock. Limited Quantities
90508842   FOAM FILTER     $2.30  In Stock. Limited Quantities
So I go "yay!" and add them to my shopping cart where I get:
Subtotal       $ 3.03
Shipping       $10.50
Total          $13.53
These vacuums, new, on Amazon, are $20... and I don't even need one. Paul bought a replacement.

I hate you, Black and Decker.

eta: Anybody local want this? Free? U-haul. Or I can drop it by if I'm already going somewhere. Motor, charger, battery all work fine.
Tags: petty first-world problems
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