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So is anybody getting wall-to-wall (or similar area) carpet installed? Or have you had any installed recently? I need strips of carpet in the Seattle area, preferably north Seattle. (Where I can come get it, basically.) I'm looking for / talking about strips at least 1' wide and at least 8' long - the kinds of bits that installers slice off and then haul off to the dumpster. I've been calling carpet stores and they either sell these (for like $2/square foot!) or won't let me come pick them back out of their dumpsters. It's for the recording ministudio; apparently they're much better than blankets at sound dampening.

(I've also checked Craigslist, no obvious joy, I thought I'd try here.)

So. If you have anything, let me know? I will happily come haul it away from you. Thanks.
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